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John Briggs is a Navy veteran with experience as an enlisted aviation engineer and physician and officer. He's currently completing his civilian residency in occupational medicine with Health Partners and the University of Minnesota. John is an avid horror fan and autograph collector. He and Laura have met Tom Hanks, Sigourney Weaver, Alice Cooper, Tom Savini, Matthew Broderick, John Cusack, and many, many more. John met Laura in 2009 while she was in grad school at Virginia Tech during his first year of medical school in West Virginia. 

Laura Briggs is an author, speaker, and coach to freelancers. She picked up a mobile career as a freelancer to follow John during his many PCS moves. Together, John and Laura have a passion for service members, veterans, and military spouses. They started this podcast to raise awareness of their nonprofit, Operation Freelance, and to help aspiring and former service members learn more about military and veteran life.