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How To Prepare for talking to a recruiter

Ready to talk ith a recruiter? Today’s episode of the Warriors Creed podcast will help you prepare for all the things that you need to know before your first meeting! You’ll learn what to research before you speak with a recruiter for the first time so that you can protect yourself before you sign a contract.

You’ll discover the jobs that are in demand, the pitfalls of joining the military when the job you desire is not available, and when to do your research.  Learn what you need to know about contracts and how to protect yourself.

Dr. John explains the role of the recruiter and what you should expect. He shares the communication and follow-up to expect, and why you should guard yourself against someone telling you that something is not possible. He also explains the military code of conduct and how it serves you in life beyond the military.

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PART two

Today, we will talk about what you need to know about shoes, food, church, family, graduation, and what you need to know about the UCMJ. 

Dr. John shares his big tip for boot camp mindset, along with how to prepare for the mental stamina you’ll need for boot camp, and what to expect day-to-day and during graduation. 

You’ll learn about the transition after graduation day and what the UCMJ means for you during your military career.

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what to expect in navy enlisted bootcamp part one

In the episode, we discuss what you can expect in Navy boot camp. Learn the things that you can do to prepare for applying to the armed forces, and what to research before meeting with the recruiter.


You’ll discover the physical and mental expectations of boot camp, what happens in the first 72 hours when you arrive at boot camp, and what to expect in day-to-day life.

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what this show is all about

Get answers to the questions about military life that you always wanted to ask! 

Dr. John and Laura Briggs share what military life is like, what you should be prepared for, life as an officer, and the challenges of transitioning out of the military into veteran life. You’ll learn behind the scenes knowledge of what it’s like to be in the armed forces and how to use that information to make decisions about your career.

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